Contributing to Community Datasets

Community datasets are designed in such a way that other users can contribute to these datasets. This creates a dataset that is rich with data from multiple contributors, who are all fairly rewarded for their efforts.

This user guide will guide you through the steps for contributing data to community datasets. If you wish to contribute metadata to some datasets and community datasets, follow the guide on metadata contributions.

When you visit the Nuklai data marketplace and browse datasets, you will encounter a section within the details of the dataset that allows you to either contribute metadata or contribute data.

Before you decide if it’s worth contributing to the dataset, you can see what fee the community dataset manager (initial publisher) charges for the management of the community dataset. If you would like to contribute data you should look to the Data shares percentage. This is the percentage of revenue that will be distributed between all data contributors.

If for example a subscription of $1000 is sold and data contributors get 25% of all revenue, then $250 is distributed among all data contributors. Let’s say that data contributor 1, contributed data and data contributor 2 contributed data as well. Then Contributor 1 will earn 50% of $250 and Contributor 2 will earn 50% of $250.

Once you want to start the process of contributing data to the dataset, you click on the Contribute Data button.

You will see two tabs:

  • Schema: where you will be able to view the schema of the dataset, including the datatype of each column.

  • View Sample: a few sample records so you can get a grasp of the data within the dataset.

In the right corner, you’ll see a section where you can upload a file, the data you want to contribute. Be aware that datasets might have format restrictions and will only accept a certain format such as CSV.

While your data is being uploaded and processed you can take your time to write a message to the community dataset manager. We recommend you to take the time to write a clear message to the community dataset manager, so they get a better understanding of the data you would like to contribute. This increases the chance of your data being accepted and added to the dataset.

You can click the Send a request button to send your request. You will now be asked to sign a transaction in your wallet.

Congratulations, a request to add your data has now been sent to the community dataset manager. You can now view your pending request in the Contribution Request page.

The community dataset manager will now receive a notification to review your request. They are able to see a sample of the data you submitted and will also be able to read the message you sent with the request.

They can either choose to accept or reject your request. If they decide to reject the request it is mandatory for them to write a message and give a reason why the request was rejected. If they accept the request a message is optional. The request is finalizsed when the community dataset manager signs a transaction in Metamask. This is also the moment when the data is added to the dataset.

You will receive a notification if the community dataset accepted or rejected your request. In the Contribution Request page you will now see that the status of your request is either “approved” or “rejected”.

If your request was approved you are now earning revenue with your contributed data. In the My dataset page you will now be able to claim any revenue that is generated.

Congratulations, by following this guide you have contributed data to a community dataset and are now eligible to earn revenue on it.

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