Managing Data Requests and Responses

When you can’t find the data you are looking for in Nuklai's data marketplace, you can ask for this specific data by making a request on the bulletin board.

You can browse all current requests on the data bulletin board and if you are a data provider that can offer the data, you’ll be able to reply to the request and publish it on Nuklai's marketplace.

To make a request click the Create Request button. A new screen will appear where you will be asked to fill in more information about your data request.

  • Title: the title of your request

  • Category: what data category does the request belong to

  • Description: write a detailed description of the data you want to request. Understand that the more detailed information you provide the better a data publisher is able to fulfil your requests.

  • Price Range: what would be the minimum and the maximum price in $USDC.e you would be willing to pay on a monthly basis to get access to the data you are requesting.

When you have provided this information you are now able to publish your request. If you still want to edit your request afterwards, you can click the Edit request button (pencil icon) underneath your request. If you want to delete your request, click the Delete request button (bin).

Other users are now able to reply to your request for data, if the suggested data is to your satisfaction, you can archive your request by clicking the Solve request button (pin icon). The status of your request will now change to ‘Solved’. You can always reopen the request again by clicking the Reopen request button (pin icon).

To reply to data requests of other users, simply click on the request card. You will now see a comment button, if you click this button a screen will appear. You will be asked to fill the following information:

  • Provide link to dataset (optional): this is a link of a dataset that is published on our data marketplace.

  • Message: write a message as a reply to the request, you can use this field to write a comment or ask follow up questions on the data request.

By clicking the comment button, you will reply to the request. You can edit your comment by clicking the Edit comment button (pencil icon), you are also able to remove your comment by clicking the Delete comment button (trash icon).

Congratulations you have now successfully published your first data request and also replied to a data request of another user.

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