Contributing to NuklaiVM

How to Contribute

Contributing to nuklaivm is an opportunity to enhance the functionality of the system, fix bugs, improve documentation, and participate in the broader development community. Whether you're fixing a bug or adding a new feature, here's how you can contribute to making nuklaivm better.

Step 1: Find an Issue

Start by looking at the project's GitHub Issues. Choose an issue that interests you and matches your skills. If you have a new idea or a bug you've discovered, please create a new issue, ensuring it has not already been reported or addressed.

Step 2: Fork and Clone the Repository

Fork the nuklaivm repository to your GitHub account and clone it locally to make your changes.

git clone
cd nuklaivm

Step 3: Set Up Your Development Environment

Ensure your development environment is set up according to the setup instructions in the repository's README. This may involve installing certain software dependencies, setting up virtual environments, or ensuring compatibility with your local development tools.

Step 4: Create a Feature Branch

Always work on a new branch for your changes:

git checkout -b your-branch-name

Step 5: Make Your Changes

Make the changes in the codebase. Write clean, readable code and adhere to existing coding conventions.

Step 6: Test Your Changes

Run the test suite to make sure your changes do not break existing functionality. Add new tests if you are adding new features or fixing bugs.


Step 7: Commit Your Changes

Write clear, concise commit messages that describe your changes. Here’s a good example:

git commit -am "Add a new staking feature to improve transaction handling"

Step 8: Push to Your Fork and Submit a Pull Request

Push your branch to your fork on GitHub:

git push origin your-branch-name

Then, go to the nuklaivm repository on GitHub and submit a pull request. Describe your changes and link the pull request to any relevant issues.

Step 9: Code Review

Maintainers will review your pull request and may suggest changes. Engage in a conversation with maintainers and make necessary revisions to your pull requests.

Step 10: Merge

Once your pull request is approved, a maintainer will merge it into the main branch. Congratulations, and thank you for contributing!

Community and Support

GitHub Discussions

Join the discussion on GitHub Discussions for nuklaivm. It's a great place to ask questions, share ideas, and collaborate with fellow developers.

Contributing to Documentation

If writing code isn't your thing, you can contribute by improving the project's documentation. Good documentation helps users and developers understand and use nuklaivm more effectively. Update documentation to reflect new features, enhance readability, or correct errors.

Reporting Bugs

If you find a bug and don’t have the time or expertise to fix it, you can contribute by reporting it in the GitHub issues. Be sure to provide a detailed report with reproducible steps, expected outcomes, and actual outcomes.

Participating in Code Reviews

Even if you're not contributing code, you can participate in code reviews. Offering feedback on pull requests is a valuable contribution and helps maintain the quality of the project.


Contributing to nuklaivm not only helps improve the project but also enriches your understanding of blockchain technologies and networking protocols. Whether you contribute code, participate in discussions, or improve documentation, your involvement is warmly welcomed and highly appreciated.

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