Nuklai Testnet

The Nuklai Testnet is a blockchain testing environment designed to enable developers and users to interact with the early and evolving versions of the Nuklai Subnet. It consists of two distinct phases, each with specific goals and features, aimed at refining the network and its associated tools before the mainnet release.


  • Nuklai Testnet is an isolated sandboxed testnet so never send any funds from anywhere else as those will be lost and there is no way to retrieve them. You can however request some test NAI tokens from the Faucet service and send them to other users from Nuklai Wallet

  • Things are expected to break and there are bound to be bugs

  • Testnet can be reset at anytime without notice in which case your balance will be reset to 0 and you will need to request test NAI tokens from the Faucet service again

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