Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Nuklai Testnet?

The Nuklai Testnet is a testing environment for the Nuklai Subnet, allowing developers and users to interact with and test the blockchain network before the mainnet release.

What are the phases of the Nuklai Testnet?

  • Phase 1: Early Testnet Phase

  • Phase 2: Nuklai Helix Testnet Deployment Phase

What is the purpose of Phase 1?

Phase 1 aims to showcase the early version of the Nuklai Subnet on Avalanche and focus on core development.

What happens after Phase 1 ends?

Developers can continue to run the Nuklai Subnet locally by following directions on the NuklaiVM GitHub repository.

What are the key features available during Phase 1?

  • Custom Nuklai Subnet on AWS

  • Nuklai Wallet for interacting with the blockchain

  • Nuklai Faucet for requesting test NAI tokens

  • Nuklai Feed for posting and viewing content

How can I request test NAI tokens?

You can request test NAI tokens through the Nuklai Wallet by interacting with the Nuklai Faucet.

Can I run my own validator node on Phase 1?

No, running own validator nodes is not enabled on Phase 1. However, you can delegate your NAI tokens to an existing validator node and earn some NAI tokens as rewards.

Can I send funds from somewhere else to the testnet in Phase 1?

Phase 1 is an isolated early testnet so we ask that you never send any funds from anywhere else to the testnet - not from Fuji testnet and not from mainnet either. Phase 1 is an isolated sandboxed testnet.

I lost some NAI tokens on the testnet. What do I do?

During Phase 1, things are expected to break and there is bound to be bugs and we may reset the testnet at anytime if we need to in which case you will lose all the tokens you held previously.

How can I get involved in the Nuklai Testnet?

Follow the directions on the NuklaiVM GitHub repository to set up and interact with the Nuklai Subnet locally or participate in the testnet phases as announced.

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