Testnet Phases

Phase 1: Early Testnet Phase


  • Showcase the early version of the Nuklai Subnet on Avalanche.

  • Focus on core development and initial feedback.


  • Custom Nuklai Subnet: Deployed on AWS, allowing developers to interact with the blockchain network.

  • Nuklai Wallet: A frontend application enabling users to:

    • View the Nuklai blockchain explorer.

    • Request test NAI tokens from the faucet service.

    • Create posts by submitting them to the blockchain.

    • Transfer NAI between accounts.

    • Create, mint, and transfer arbitrary tokens between accounts.

    • View account balances and transaction history.

  • Nuklai Faucet: A service allowing users to request test NAI tokens, best accessed via the Nuklai Wallet.

  • Nuklai Feed: A service for posting and viewing content on the blockchain through the Nuklai Wallet.

Phase 2: Helix Testnet Deployment Phase


  • Full testnet deployment of the Nuklai Helix Subnet on the Avalanche Fuji network.

  • Preparation for the mainnet release with extensive testing and feature enhancement.


  • Nuklai JS SDK: Provides tools for developers to build various dApps on the Nuklai network.

  • Blockchain Explorer: A website where users can view blocks, transactions, tokens, and more on the Nuklai blockchain.

  • Register a Validator Node: Enables developers to register their validator nodes to join the network and earn rewards.

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