Nuklai Wallet

The Nuklai Wallet is the native wallet for the Nuklai network, designed to provide users with a comprehensive and user-friendly interface for managing their assets and interacting with the Nuklai blockchain. Below are the features and functionalities integrated into the Nuklai Wallet:


Local Wallet:

  • Manage your assets securely within the wallet.

  • Access and manage private keys and public keys.

Network Connectivity:

  • Connect to various networks such as Devnet, Testnet, and Mainnet directly from the wallet UI.

Local Blockchain Explorer:

  • View detailed information about the Nuklai blockchain directly within the wallet.

  • Explore blocks, transactions, tokens, and other blockchain data.

Faucet Integration:

  • Request test NAI tokens to your wallet using the integrated faucet service.

  • Easily acquire tokens for testing and development purposes.

Mint Page:

  • Create and mint tokens to any address.

  • Customize tokens according to your needs and transfer them seamlessly.

Feed Page:

  • Post messages and URLs to the blockchain within a transaction memo.

  • Use the feed as a mini blog to share updates and information.

Transactions History:

  • View a comprehensive history of all transactions made with your wallet.

  • Track incoming and outgoing transactions, including detailed transaction metadata.

Wallet Details:

  • Access detailed information about your wallet, including private key, public key, and account balances.

Nuklai Subnet Details:

  • View essential details about the Nuklai Subnet such as chainID and subnetID.

Custom RPC URL:

  • Update the Nuklai RPC URL to point to any URL of your choice.

  • Connect to your local Nuklai Subnet or any custom Nuklai Subnet deployed elsewhere.

  • This feature is particularly useful for developers running a local instance of the Nuklai Subnet.

How to Use Nuklai Wallet

  • You can also clone the repository locally and run the wallet locally on your machine by following the directions here.

  • Open the wallet and start exploring different features the wallet provides.

The Nuklai Wallet is designed to be a powerful and versatile tool for managing your assets and interacting with the Nuklai blockchain. With its wide range of features, it provides users with a seamless experience whether they are testing on the Devnet, participating in the Testnet, or transacting on the Mainnet.

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